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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunday Boody Sunday

LOOK OUT!! She's comin' down fast!! Yes, she is, yes she is. . . .
- Lennon/Mccartney

Well, well, well, who'd a thunk. Today, while walking downtown to get some cash from an atm so I could eat, I almost got hit by a car. I was crossing the street after the light turned to go to my bank; and, of course, I had my portable CD player on, listening to some Beatles. Next thing I know, I hear a car horn going off, which stopped me for a moment in the crosswalk. I turned towards the intersection and, whoa baby, there's a car running the red light coming right for me. Like a whitetaile i froze. Then, amid 2 cars squealing their brakes, another car crossing with the light went in front of the oncoming car and got hit. The poor lady had her kid in there, but there was nobody hurt, only a little damage to both cars. Still, it could have been worse. I finished crossing the street and got my money out of the bank; when I returned, the intersection was still a mess, with neither car moving and both drivers on their sell phones. I first determined that the car that got hit's driver and son were OK, then the oncoming driver. Everyone then parked alongside the street, out of traffic, and we waited for the cops. About that time, we were joined by another driver who was behind the hit car. After some time, the police arrived and took our stories.

The kicker here is, you know, guess what song I was listening to on the CD? You got it, Helter Skelter. Life can be soooooo freakin' weird, eh?

I gotta get out of this town. Yesterday, I bought the latest issue of BWJ - sometimes I just gotta get refreshed on what I'm missing soooo far from my home. I do not want to die inside these city walls. I'm getting old and tired of this shit; all I want to do anymore is go home.

Can I have my vision back
I'll live outside your city walls
You don't have to be afraid
Untill I come together
- Kay

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Lightning strikes twice

Man, do I feel stupid right now. You know, you'd think that after last night's adventure with my frozen doorlock, I would have not locked the door today as I left for work, what with no working key and all. But I did, anyway. :)

So, I hadda jump thru all the hoops again tonite. At least it was a little warmer tonite.

At work, I worked on the cutter with a new guy from the Finishing Dept. He's pretty cool, and is in a band called Working Class Slobs. Cool name. Well, he gave me a CD of his band, and I'm listening to it right now. It's unpolished but has a nice demi-punk raw sound to it, kind of right in between Metallica and The Clash. It goes, and I'll tell him that tomorrow when I thank him.

I notice that I seem to be carrying on quite the back-and-forth with a blogger named Birdnow. I'll give him credit for addressing me, but he's a pretty hard-core right winger. I think I'll head there after this.


I. Meet Dick

Oh look.
Oh see.
Oh look and see.
Look at Dick.
Dick is a dick.
Dick thinks he is a big dick.
But he is not.
Just ask Jane.

II. Meet Jane

Oh look and see.
Look at Jane.
Jane is a looker.
Here comes Dick.
He is looking for Jane.
"Jane, let's go have fun." said Dick.
"Go fuck yourself." said Jane.
Jane is a bitch.
Just ask Dick.

III. Meet Sally

Look at Sally.
Sally likes Dick.
Sally likes lots of dick.
"Dick, let's go have fun." said Sally.
"Sally, Jane won't let me have fun." said Dick.
"You can have fun with me, Dick." said Sally.
Sally is a slut.
Just ask Jane.

(this stuff just writes itself, you know)

IV. Spot

Oh look.
It's Spot.
Spot is a dog.
See Dick throw a ball for Spot.
See Spot chase the ball.
See Spot run into the street.
See Spot get run over by a car.
"Oh no, Spot!" said Dick.
"You killed Spot, Dick, you dick!" said Jane.
Oh look and see Jane beat Dick.
Jane has balls.
Just ask Dick.

V. Puff

Dick is feeling bad.
Oh look at Puff.
Puff is a bong.
See Dick take a hit on Puff.
Oh look, Dick is stoned now.
"That's better." said Dick.
"Dick, what are you doing, now?" asked Jane.
"Nothing." Dick lied.
"Good." said Jane.
"Come here, Dick, you dick, and help me clean up Spot."
"Shit." said Dick.
Spot was a dumb dog.
Just ask Dick.

Well, that's about all of THAT tonite. :) :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

frozen hell

Welcome to Minnesota, as I'm fond of saying. I went to work today, when I returned, about 11:15 p.m., my door lock was frozen. After careful work, during which it's about -25 F wind chill, the key froze and broke in the lock. I was livid. Of course, everyone is sleeping. Finally, the upstairs neighbor heard me and let me in, calling the landlord on the sell phone. :) I have to admit, I have a pretty good landlord and upstairs neighbor. The landlord came over and fixed the door so I could get in. All of this took about 45 minutes. Now here I am, all nice and warm (finally) and able to relax a little. I am coming to despise the cold winters here, even though I otherwise love it here in Minnesota. Anyways, that's my adventure for today, and I'm glad it's over.

Egad, I'm thinking, this is just the start of winter. I'm also not in a very good mood right now. Maybe I'll go pound on some other blogsites, that might make me feel better. :)

anyway, anyhow, anywhere

Well, now that I've accostomed myself to this a little, I guess I can blog away now. Maybe sing now? :)

Catchthewindweregonnaseeyouspinweregonnasail leave the bay
diddelydowah bopbopadowah
ababy baby babeeeeee right now
no no no no no. . . .
-page (roughly)

Anyways, just in case you didn't know, I'm quite crazy sometimes. :)

Well, let's see, the current life expectancy of a male human like myself is about 90 years now, so I guess I'm either half done or half full of it, depending on the optimist/peptomist thingee.

Wierd scenes outside the gold mine:

When I was 4, halfways thru kindergarten, we moved. We didn't move to what I consider to be a nice place. But it wasn't up to me. Oh well, life is like that, eh? Anyways, I've always wanted to go back and live there (the name of the town is Babbitt, Minnesota) but I couldn't because of the economic reality of no jobs. That may be about to change.

There's this outfit, called Franconiaminerals (they have a website) and they've been doing surveys at a place near Babbitt. Evidently, there's a whole lotta underground copper/nickel to be had but also high concentrations of neat stuff. Stuff like gold, platinum, and paladium. They might start mining real soon. That may mean a job for me. We'll see what happens, but nothing's fersher, ya know, yet.

All my changes were there. . . . . .
- Neil Young

Highway one? People, lemme tell ya about highway 1. This alleged road goes from Ely to da nort shore, eh? It's one a dem dere shortcuts. Ya ya. :) Well, it looks like a shortcut onna map. It ain't. Ya know, because I done been dere, eh, I kinda know dis stuff, eh, before ya go up dere and getcher self lost eh? :)
Anyways, normally, if you wanna go from say, Two Harbors ta say, Tower, eh, you gotta go thru Duluth, ya know, way outta da way, ta do dat. Or, you can take highway one. Depends on a coupla things, tho. . . . :)

Frinstance, if you wanna save gas, you could take highway 1 cuz it's a shorter distance; however, if you are thinkin', ya know, time-wise, yer better off going the long way. Same goes if it's wintertime. Hey, people, they built the damn road through a swamp. The swamp is fulla trees. They dropped an F-16 in there a couple years ago, still haven't found the wreckage yet. Tough going is an understatement, here; if you DO go, stay onna road. And drive real, real slow. It's like that. :)

Oh, by the way, enjoy the scenery, you may see a moose. Friggen twig-eaters are all over da place dere, eh!!

Roadkill: Roadkill is what god forgot about when he designed roads. :)

Daffox sez that roadkill is a good thing. It means Mr. Fox doesn't have to chase his next meal. :)

Okay, ok, I gotta do this, I've done this in chat rooms before, seems to work. :) Way up north, there's this guy driving along a remote forest road in a small german car. Rounding a tight corner a little too fast, he runs smack into a moose standing in the road. The moose looks up and sez, "Hey Rocky!! Watch me pull a rabbit outta my ass!!" :) :)

Well, I think I've done about enough damage for one nite.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

just to start

Hello. My name is Jeff Olson and I like to rock and roll. I also like to chat, and now I'm starting to blog, even. Computers are cool. :)

My main interests are kitbuilding (1/35 scale ground forces ww2), music, castles, science, politics, hunting, all kindsa stuff. I also speak fluent Minnesotan, ya ya. :)

Today, I went in to work but the weather was total crap. Rain and snow mixed, stuff I really don't like driving in. So I went home early. Six hours early. :) No, I really don't like to get out of work, but I really don't like wrecking my car/killing myself or others, either. It was an Occam's razor kinda thing, ya know? :)

It's ok, really; prolly in another coupla months I won't be working at my current job any more. I have a gold mine in my home town that may be opening up soon, I'm gonna try like hell to get in there. Then I can go fishing every day. It's paradise up there, people; if you have ever been up north ta Ely, then you will know what I mean. But enough of that, it's just a bun inna oven right now. :)

I suppose, this being my first entry in the blogosphere, that I should kinda tell you all about myself, briefly. Except, I can't do that. There's nothing about me that's brief. :) Well, except my underwear, of course. :)

No, you people all have to put up with the long-winded version of me. That can be a chore, I know, but, well, you will find it worth it in the end. :) :) :)

I was born on 5/28/61 in Ely, Minnesota, just a few hours after my mom & dad were out fishing. A year after that, they gave me a sister, about a year and a half later another sister. We lived in Babbitt until 1966/7 and then moved to hell. I won't go into that. Upon graduation from hell, I enlisted in the USNavy for a 6 year stint, serving on a submarine as a nuclear-qualified electrician. After that, I moved to San Antonio, Texas, living there for about a year, moving to San Diego, CA. for about another year. After that, I moved back to Minnesota, attended college for awhile at the UM Morris. Since then, I've lived a few other places in Minnesota, mostly chasing jobs and then working them. Right now, I live in Rochester, and I work making junk mail in the nearby town of Byron. See? Nice and long-winded, and that's just the beginning. :)

What am I like? Well, I like to think that I'm fairly intelligent and articulate, even erudite, depending on the subject. Im pretty well-versed in most physical science fields and know a lot about a bunch of other, more trivial, matters. The main thing with me is that I don't suffer a fool lightly, even if it's me. :) But I'm also one to joke, sometimes inappropriately, but never intending to be harmful. I'm also pretty quick-minded, and boyoboy can that ever get one into trouble, lemme tell ya. :) Oh, yes, and I like to talk. A lot. A real lot. Gotta step on my neck to get me to shut up kind of real lot. :)

I also read a lot, the vast majority of which is nonfiction. My interests are listed above, but that's not a complete list. Basically, my interests can be defined by whatever interests me at the time. :) But that says an awful lot without saying anything. Gotta question? Ask.

The most influential book I have ever read (outside of nonfiction) is Hesse's "Steppenwolf". Read it and you will know me well. Otherwise, I get an awful lot of inspiration from 60s/70s music. You know, the kind your mama warned you about. :)

Though I'm starving in the streets and can predict the future. . . .
- John Kay

Politically, I'm more-or-less a moderate. Whatever seems to work the best is what I tend to go with. I don't do religion. I will warn everyone ahead of time, I can be a very fiesty discussionist on politics/religion. Some people would label me an asshole. Oh well, how boring this planet would be without a little dissent, eh? :)

Ahhh, but enough of me for now. Time to just dream and type. . . .

The two of them were fishing. The day, bright, the sky, blue, the lake a dull, calm gray. The eastern breeze was why they were in that particular spot, near ringrock; they were backtrolling thru the minor chop where the bay turned into the main part of the lake. They were father and son, the boy trying hard to be like dad, and the father trying hard to teach his son some patience. Unfortunately, most of the action was on the dad's line, not the son's. The boy slowly began to realize that there was more to this fishing stuff than just catching fish. He began to look at the world for the first time, and it was a wonder, even for an 8 year old. Why, just coming up to the lake, they had seen a moose-cow and a couple of bears. Just a few hours before, they were looking at what dad called "mergansers" (funny ducks) and a nesting pair of bald eagles. Like any youngster, his mind began to roam from the tedium of watching his rod tip, and he began to dream of things going on around him, in those infinite woods surrounding the lake. There were giants up there, all around him. There were indians and outlaws in the woods - adventures to be had, places that needed his feet walking on them, so he could see. . . . .

The jerking motion the boat made brought him back, dad had just set the hook in another fish. "'Nother walleye, dad?"; but before he could answer, there was a tap-tap-tap and a major downward motion to his own rod tip - he had a fish on, too!!! In his excitement, he set the hook hard but was rewarded with a further tension on his line and lots of motion of the rod. The both of them worked thier fish, alternating with the sound of the drag pulling out with the clicking of the cranking of the reel. "Net!! Net!!" bellowed the elder, his standard procedure when he got the fish close enough to the boat. "I got a fish on here, dad!!!" came the response, and for once the dad didn't get mad. Carefully holding the rod in one hand, he reached for the net and netted his own fish, then the boy's. Both fish were flipping and flopping all over the bottom of the boat when he emptied the net.

"Is mine a keeper, dad?"

"He's as big as mine, maybe a little bigger, we'll keep both, eh?"

"Now, grab yours and put 'im on the stringer, like this." He deftly scooped up his fish in one hand and grabbed the half-full stringer with the other, untying it from it's loose knot and placing the pointy end in the walleye's mouth and thru the gillslit, then handing the stringer to his son, who followed suit. There were already 4 keepers on the stringer, and the boy had to struggle to get them all back over the side of the boat and into the water again, without losing them all. Hanging on to part of the stringer, he took the end and loosely retied it back onto the gunwhale of the boat.

OK, ok, like that's godawful. Well, I tried. Anyways, that enough for now - I just wanted to try this out kwik to see how it goes.